Lou reed magic and loss - live in concert

“I always believed that I have something important to say and I said it. “

Ho sempre pensato di avere qualcosa di importante da dire, e l’ho detto.

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1-14 : Lenox MA, September 1, 1973. CD2 : 1. Sister Ray / 2. Sweet Jane / 3. Coney Island Baby / 4. Leave Me Alone / 5. Satellite Of Love / 6. Ride Sally Ride / 7. Charley's Girl / 8. Kicks / 9. White Light/White Heat / 10. Too Late Mamma / 11. Rock And Roll. 1 : Lenox MA, September 1, 1973. 2-11 : Adelaide, Australia, July 28, 1975. --> SATELLITE OF LOVE

CLAIM TO FAME. Diamond For Your Ears, DIYE 43, Germany, ? 1. Jam / 2. Sweet Jane / 3. I Believe In Love / 4. Lisa Says / 5. Kicks / 6.

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In 1964, Reed moved to New York City and began working as an in-house songwriter for Pickwick Records . In 1964, he wrote and recorded the single "The Ostrich", a parody of popular dance songs of the time, which included lines such as "put your head on the floor and have somebody step on it". His employers felt that the song had hit potential, and assembled a supporting band to help promote the recording. The ad hoc band, called "the Primitives", included Welsh musician John Cale , who had recently moved to New York to study music and was playing viola in composer La Monte Young 's Theatre of Eternal Music , along with Tony Conrad . Cale and Conrad were both surprised to find that for "The Ostrich", Reed tuned each string of his guitar to the same note, which they began to call his " ostrich guitar " tuning. This technique created a drone effect similar to their experimentation in Young's avant-garde ensemble. Disappointed with Reed's performance, Cale was nevertheless impressed by Reed's early repertoire (including " Heroin "), and a partnership began to evolve. [21]

Lou Reed Magic And Loss - Live In ConcertLou Reed Magic And Loss - Live In ConcertLou Reed Magic And Loss - Live In ConcertLou Reed Magic And Loss - Live In Concert