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The OED2 records theories about the Celtic roots of the Latin word Germania : one is gair , neighbour (a theory of Johann Zeuss , a German historian and Celtic philologist) – in Old Irish gair is "neighbour". Another theory is gairm , battle-cry (put forward by Johann Wachter and Jacob Grimm , who was a philologist as well as collector and editor of fairy tales ). Yet another theory is that the word comes from ger , "spear"; however, Eric Partridge suggests *gar / gavin , to shout (as Old Irish garim ), describing the Germanic tribesmen as noisy. He describes the ger theory as "obsolete".

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This devotion to hard work has combined with a public demeanour—which is at once reserved and assertive—to produce a stereotype of the German people as aloof and distant. Yet Germans prize both their private friendships and their friendly relations with neighbours and visitors, place a high value on leisure and culture, and enjoy the benefits of life in a liberal democracy that has become ever more integrated with and central to a united Europe.

…alliance with Hitler—was “mostly good.” In 1949 Fritz Dorls and Otto Ernst Remer, a former army general who had helped to crush an attempted military coup against Hitler in July 1944, founded the Socialist Reich Party (Sozialistische Reichspartei; SRP), one of the earliest neofascist parties in Germany. Openly sympathetic…

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Various From Germany To AustraliaVarious From Germany To AustraliaVarious From Germany To AustraliaVarious From Germany To Australia