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HVAC systems are designed to cover maximum loads. However, to maintain room comfort at the desired level, in 85 % of all cases the amount of energy required is lower than the designed load. This is where variable speed drives prove their value: Allowing various pumps and fans within the system to run at a speed appropriate for the actual demand reduces energy consumption by up to 60 %. This translates into a significant reduction in operating costs.

Specifications PSR-S770/PSR-S970 ■ SPECIFICATIONS PSR-S970 PSR-S770 Product name Digital Keyboard Digital Keyboard 1,002 mm x 437 mm x 148 mm 1,002 mm x 437 mm x 148 mm Dimensions (W x D x H) (39-7/16” x 17-3/16” x 5-13/16”) (39-7/16” x 17-3/16” x 5-13/16”)

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